Group and individual retreats

Several times a year we hold retreats or coordinate with other programs for retreats.  These include half day, full day, or weekend retreats.  Often these retreats will focus on mindfulness, meditation and yoga, Mindful Self-Compassion, or general healing.  Join our newsletter mailing list using the form below so you can stay up to date on the upcoming retreats.


Affordable classes for everyone

We know that there are lots of places that hold retreats, meditation times, classes and workshops, and other offerings related to healing and personal growth.  But these places can really become expensive.  It is our wish to offer great healing opportunities to those who would not otherwise be able to participate.  Be sure to read about financial assistance on our scholarship information page and check the scholarship box when you register for our programs.  Need more information? Feel free to call us at (832) 741-0266.


Tune into your own healing abilities

We believe that the body and the mind can heal, given the right environment.  It is our goal to provide you with many options that can be used to help your healing.  Whether it is yoga, meditation, clean eating, exercise, and contributing to the community, we hope that your experience with us will allow you to create that healing space that you need.


The mystery of self-love

Many people tell me that it is difficult to love themselves.  I agree, so let’s just drop that idea for right now and go with something different.  There are a lot of people, myself included, who were just born with the idea that they were not good enough.  For some, there were incidents, comments from others, and traumas that reinforced that idea and made it more concrete in the mind and in the heart.  For others, there is no evidence through what people thought of them or experiences that they had to secure the idea that they were not enough, were not worthy, did not deserve the life they had or wanted.  Psychologists can pinpoint how trauma and certain personality traits can lead a person to self-loathing or feelings of insecurity.  But what do you do when there is nothing to point to?  No trauma or bad experiences, no bullying or poor performance in life tasks?  Accept.  Yep, I said it.  Accept that there may not be a cause for why you feel the way that you do.  Then get off the track of trying to find the “why” of your feelings and get on track for doing something different.

So back to self-love.  Can a person really go from that deep default pattern of insecurity and not feeling good enough to developing a pattern of self-love?  Not sure, maybe.  But what if we just dropped that idea of self-love and went with self-compassion?  Can we learn to be compassionate with ourselves?  That I can answer.  And the answer is…yes! You know those old patterns of thought and stifling anxiety that show up when we are triggered? Those old patterns that we have used for all these years, that we know so well, that feel like they will not go away, yes those. When we feel or experience those old default patterns of unworthiness and insecurity we can practice compassion. We can meet our suffering with kindness and understanding, cooling the heat of our feelings of unworthiness.  For a lot of people these feelings of insecurity and unworthiness rise up when we are tired, sick, overwhelmed with other emotions, stressed- all of which are a form of suffering.  And when we suffer we can notice it, remind ourselves that lots of other people suffer (including myself), and then practice kindness to ourselves.

If this is something you could benefit from please join us at our next Mindful Self-compassion training. Join the rest of us as we learn to move past our insecurities and unworthiness.